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White Paper 1.1


TETRA is a blockchain-based software tool that allows its customers to interact with multiple smart contracts using newly developed technology. Customers will benefit from TETRA’s user-friendly and visual interface. TETRA solves the problem of manual and repetitive blockchain interactions when executing transactions or automations under certain conditions and assists customers from having to manually execute complex strategies flowing through multiple smart contracts.

How does TETRA Work?

TETRA has a smart contract scanning algorithm developed in-house that automatically generates a standardised user front-end component, seamlessly interacting with any PRC20 smart contract.  The core user front end of TETRA has been derived from zero code node-based programming in the form of drag-and-drop blocks and components that connect with each other. This allows for a quick learning curve to harness the use of the tools so customers can build out simple or highly complex blockchain automations. TETRA will also include as standard, the TETRA Strategy Wallet. The strategy wallet will be a self-deployed smart contract that only the customer can access through a standard wallet such as MetaMask. Coins are never handed over to the protocol and only customers have the smart contract admin keys. TETRA will utilise decentralised oracle services to deliver both on-chain and off-chain data that will be made available to customers as variables to execute actions and functions.

What does TETRA do?

The simple answer to this is - the same thing anything any dApp you have ever encountered with any project and more, all rolled into one easy-to-use interface. The flexible interface will allow for custom automations or strategies of any kind to be built in a drag-and-drop fashion. With TETRA, this can all be set in advance and individuals’ tolerable risk-to-reward ratios put in place or even modified. The use case for TETRA is endless. Anything that can be manually executed on the blockchain can be automated in a visual and simplistic way using TETRA.

How does TETRA generate yield?

TETRA customers will be required to hold some stablecoins for fees and PLS for gas in their strategy wallet. The stablecoin balance will be used to pay the protocol a small percentage on each step within an automation or strategy, which is derived from the total value of the transaction at that step. Stablecoins collected in the form of a pay-to-use fee will be distributed proportionately to those that stake.

Tokenomics and Staking

The tokenomics of TETRA are very simple. Stake TETRA in any of the available staking pools to earn rewards. The following pools will be available at times up to and after the main protocol launch. 

Prism Pool
Stake TETRAp in the Prism pool to earn a proportional share of rewards in TETRAp. The rewards are limited and a fixed number of tokens are available for claim. Mechanics of this pools are, Stake TETRAp until the end of the pool period. Early ending your stake before half way through the pool, incurs a 25% penalty on principal. Early ending your stake after the 50% stage of the pool or before the end date of the pool incurs no penalty on principal but no rewards are given. Those that hold to the end of the pool will received a proportional share of the tokens made available as well as a proportional share of penalties and forfeited rewards from early end stakers. 

Cube Pool
To honour our history, the Cube Pool will be available after the main protocol launch. This pool represents the outlined functionality of what was originally planned for the protocols original roots. Stake your TETRAp in the Cube pool to receive rewards in any PRC-20 on PulseChain. In essence, the yield you would receive in the Main TETRA pool, would in essence be diverted to the Cube pool for your proportional share of the rewards at a dollar value in any token of your choice. The Cube pool will be available for 12 months after the main protocol launch.

Our perpetual pool for the Eco system. Stake your TETRAp in the TETRA pool to earn a proportional share of fees from users of the main TETRA protocol in the form of stable coins. No lockup, no staking fees of any kind.

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