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  • When will the TETRA protocol launch?
    TETRAp is available on PulseChain. Contract address is 0xAeC4C07537B03E3E62fc066EC62401Aed5Fdd361. The software tools STRATUS and ATLAS are due to launch at the end of the summer 2023.
  • Does TETRA have a security audit?
    Yes. You can view the audit here.
  • What are the fees to use TETRA's software tools?
    The fees have been presented to potential users at a rate of 0.05% per step in an automation or strategy. This equates to 50 cents for a transaction value of $100. This is not fixed and may change before launch.
  • How do I stake TETRA?
    Staking will be available on the website in phases. Read the details on this in the Whitepaper.
  • What are the rewards for staking TETRA?
    Each of the different staking rounds will have different types of rewards. Details of the rewards will be made available when the pools become available.
  • Will there be an airdrop for TETRA?
    TETTRA had an airdrop. It went to early members of our community. There was an additional airdrop that happened for the sacrificers of PulseX. They had to use the free claim during the period of availability. There will be no further airdrops for TETRA in the foreseeable future.
  • Did TETRA have a sacrifice phase?
    No. TETRA itself did not have a sacrifice. There was a private investment round from around 60 members of the PulseChain community that contributed to the development fund for TETRA in return for airdropped tokens. There was a no-expectations sacrifice for RFX. Due to the long delays in launching PulseChain and the time it gave, the team decided to upgrade this set of wallets to be part of a much more robust protocol. Although there were no expectations, the Cube staking pool for TETRA has the spirit of what was outlined for RFX. More details are available to read in the Whitepaper on the Cube pool.
  • What liquidity pools are available for TETRA?
    We encourage the community and holders to provide liquidity. The protocol has a liquidity allocation in the distribution breakdown which is mainly on PulseX paired with WPLS. Another future pool may become available on PHUX.
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