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Automate Your Defi

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What is TETRA?

TETRA presents software as a service that comes equipped with a user-friendly toolbox, enabling you to automate and streamline your blockchain experience while maintaining full control of your keys and coins. The TETRA protocol is being crafted with the objective of saving valuable time and effort, ultimately enriching our customers' cryptocurrency experience.


An Eco System for All

Creators can publish automations and strategies for the community with STRATUS & ATLAS. Automate mundane and repetitive tasks or build a yield bearing strategy with your favourite assets. 

Builders are welcome to utilise tools in the TETRA Eco System. Contact us about white label ATLAS solutions or access to our SDK to integrate our protocol with your project.

The TETRA eco system provides an array of tools that help make your Defi experience effortless. ATLAS and STRATUS, are prime components of our upcoming initial launch in 2023. Discover how our innovative tools can efficiently help you manage your assets in a decentralized way, saving time and effort.


Using the STRATUS drag and drop editor, create anything you can imagine that you would normally do manually on the blockchain. 


Deploy your automations and strategies from the ATLAS dAPP front. ATLAS is a dashboard for all your Crypto and DeFi in one place. 

03. Automate

04. Build



TETRA was born out of the need to allow blockchain users the ability to automate the protracted user experience of clicking buttons and signing transactions in crypto without compromising security. 


Our software provides blockchain users of all skill levels access to tools that simplifies the ability to set and forget everything from limit orders, trades or complex automations. 


As part of our ecosystem development, TETRA will in the future have its own DEX as well as an array of desktop based tools further making the blockchain accessible to our customers.

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